Cleaning & Decluttering

One of the most difficult parts of cleaning & decluttering is getting rid of things that are too good to throw out, but you know deep within yourself you will never use. First create a checklist for each room, then go from room to room; that way if you get tired, you will know where to start the next time. The trick in this process is to commit to cleaning and decluttering one room at a time its entirety.

First thing to do when cleaning and decluttering is to put your items into 4 categories ( Keep, Storage, Donate, Garbage)

Keep: These are items that has sentimental or monetary value and things that you use often.

Storage:  These are items that are used seasonally or irregularly but often enough not to give away.

Donate: This is one of the most satisfying things to do when decluttering. This category consists of items that you have not used for very long time but is too good to throw away. Please donate them! Someone not as fortunate as you will get pleasure out of it.

Garbage: These are items that you or anyone will never use. (Close your eyes and throw it out)

Once you’ve placed your items into the 4 categories, clean the keep items and area they came from.  Place them in their proper spot in a neat and orderly fashion.

-Wash all clothes and clean all your items before you store them. It will save a lot of time when you go to use them again. Mark all container you plan to store items in. If its clothes, put them in a closet or room that is not used much or put them on a portable hanger and place them in a place that is easily accessible but out of everyday activity.

-Wash all clothes and clean all items that you intend to donate. Donate things with a good heart and respect for those receiving them.

-Items that are to be thrown out should be placed in a garbage bag and taken out immediately. You don’t want to second guess yourself and put them back in storage. 

Many people make the mistake of shopping for a plethora of cleaning products & supplies that they may never use. This defeat the purpose of decluttering. Keep it simple with an all-purpose cleaning product and some micro fiber cleaning rags.

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